Infant II

Infants may begin our program as early as six weeks old. It is difficult for most new parents to leave their infant in the care of others. Therefore, it is our responsibility to work closely with parents to insure the best possible care for their child. Parents are always welcome visitors in the center. Some infant mothers may wish to nurse during the day. We have a room available for nursing mothers. It is normal for infant parents to call and visit often. Communication with infant parents is vital. Daily report sheets are filled out accurately and in detail. Teachers are available and willing to answer questions about the infant's day. Infants eat and sleep on their own schedule. Diapers are checked hourly and changed as needed. Many parents want to work their child into a regular schedule. The staff will work with the parents to meet the changing needs of their child. Infants are at a higher risk for the contraction of illnesses and diseases. We take special care to make sure that their environment remains germ-free. All infants have their own individual cribs. Sheets are changed daily and beds are cleaned and disinfected weekly or as needed. Toys are cleaned and disinfected before they are passed from one child to another. Food is prepared in a separate area from the diapering area. Staff wash their hands upon entering the room, after diapering, before and after feeding, and at other appropriate times. We hold, talk to, sing to, and play with our infants. Infants are taken outside daily, weather permitting. Our infant rooms provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and secure environment for children. Most Infant I children will move into the Infant II room when they are about 8 months old.