3 and 4 Year Old Program

Our Three and Four year old program builds upon the achievements and developments of the infant, toddler, and two year old programs. The  three and four year old caregivers lead the children through hands on activities designed to build positive self image, improve eye hand and large motor coordination, broaden oral language, encourage exploration of pre- writing skills and math, and encourage creativity and problem solving. Teachers will plan daily lessons based on developmental goals. The classroom will have centers. Because children's development is varied, each child is given the opportunity to choose from different age appropriate areas to explore in a language rich environment. In addition to center activities, children will participate in large group games and story telling time. Teachers also create opportunities to work with each child individually during the day. As in all of our age groups, children will spend time outside each day. Teachers plan activities for group play as well as free play time on the playground. Our teachers are aware of age appropriate and developmentally appropriate activities and can help educate parents on the importance of learning through play.