3&4 Year Olds

7:00PM- Center Opens

7:00AM-8:30AM -   Teachers greet children, talk to parent,help put away
                                  personal belongings, free play time and center time

8:30AM-9:00AM-     Prayer and Breakfast

9:00AM-10:00AM-   free play, stories, art, circle and lessons

10:00AM-11:00AM -Outside play time(weather permitting)Individual needs and
                                   developmental play time or large motor activity (group games, 
                                   dancing,and free play)

11:00-11:15AM-      bathroom, and hand washing

11:15AM-12:00AM-  free play

12:00PM-12:30PM- Lunch

12:30PM-2:00PM-   Nap

2:00PM-2:15PM-bathroom and hand washing

2:15PM-2:45PM- Snack time

3:00PM-4:30PM- Outside activities-(as weather allows) or
                               Individual needs and developmental play time,art,
                               stories, large motor exercise and music

4:30PM-5:00PM-  Bathroom, hand washing, free play,art,music,dancing,stories,dramatic play

5:00PM-6:00PM- Individual needs and developmental play time

6:00PM - Center closes